Stuffed Peppers

stuffedpeppersStuffed peppers always reminded me of something you could only get in a restaurant (and it be good of course). So earlier this week I was aimlessly watching my food network shows and Giada decided she was going to stuffed peppers. Well of course she was, the woman always did everything perfectly and makes it look so easy, well a caveman could do it. So I took a few notes promising myself that one day I would make Giada proud and make my own stuffed peppers. Well today was that day! Let me tell you, they are really easy and anyone with a little bit of cooking experience could pull this off.

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Spinach and Artichoke Dip

spinachandartichokedipOne of my favorite appetizers to get is spinach artichoke dip. Anywhere we end up at, it is sure to be and it is always delicious. So with the Super Bowl coming up this weekend I was thinking of different recipes to serve for the family this definitely came to mind! This was super easy to mix together and I will forever be making it at home instead of getting it while eating out. If you are looking into keeping with fresh vegetables you can purchase fresh spinach and wash it and toss it into a salad spinner. Afterwards cut it down into small pieces.

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