Fitness With your Kids

kayakingOne of the things I have friends tell me is that they can’t work out because they have kids. No time between sports and what they need to do. I understand you can’t bring your six year old to a crossfit class however there are several activities that are kid friendly, and plus remember they will take after you! Here are some awesome ideas you can try with your little (or older) ones!

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One Day Hiking

IMGP1290So you can not get awesome views like this from just walking in your neighborhood (unless of course you live somewhere like this then…enjoy!) However like most people I live in a industrialized city and we have our parks but nothing extreme. Now last year my husband bought me a book from our local EMS store. It has 60 hikes within 60 miles of Philly and we made a goal to complete all the trails before we bought another book. We did a couple local trails first but then we became completely hooked. And by we I mean just me since my husband has always been one for the outdoors. I am here to share some of my starter tips for first time hikers.

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