Microwave Apple Pie

microwavepplepiePinterest will most likely be the death of me…or at least my wallet. For some reason I have been craving sweet things these past couple of weeks. Part of me wonders if it is because I stayed away from them over the holidays. Well this one “recipe” kept popping up and I had to try it. I use quotations because really even my 7 year old could throw this one together.

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Whole Wheat Pancakes

wholewheatpancakes2My family loves pancakes. At least once a week Rion is begging to go to Ihop as we drive by on our way to karate. He makes us promise that one day this week we are going to have pancakes at home. Most of the time I can get away without having to go to the store and spend money on pancake mix that just makes me want to cry when I look through the ingredients! So when Rion remembered this weekend that he had off on Monday for MLK day he begged and pleaded I make a homemade breakfast. So to the drawing board I went! I searched the web for different pancake recipes and finally after some moving and shifting ingredients I came up with my (as Rion calls them) awesome yummy homemade pancakes! He wanted raspberries in his and Kyle my nephew begged for blueberries but you can add whatever kind of fruit you like, or eat it like I did, just plain.

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