Grilled Turkey Burgers

turkeyburgersIt was such a beautiful day which meant we just had to get out and hike some of the places in our book. (this book is a gift my husband got me last year with 60 hikes in our area which we are working on completing) So when we got home I was thinking a great day to end a wonderful day was to grill turkey burgers for dinner. I can not wait until summer hits and we can grill every night!

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Barbeque Pepperjack Chicken

bbqpepperjackchickenIt was so nice today and we all know what that means! Nice weather and longer days means its time to brush the dust off the grills. Now normally the grill is only a man’s territory, but my daughter ended up with four girls so we all got to watch him make magic and even get some ideas too. Get ready for summer with this awesome chicken!

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