About Me


I am a 23 year old wife and mother who just needed to lose a lot of weight. I had never been skinny in my life. I was on the heavy side since grade school. No rhyme or reason to why I got heavy when I was younger, but by the time I got into middle and high school I was just to lazy to get up and move around. I enjoyed watching TV all day or just laying around the house. I did try and do some kind of exercise while in high school but my eating habits had gotten out of hand. I would go out for a walk then eat an entire pint of ice cream. By the time I graduated I had decided that I was okay with myself and by the time I met my husband in 2011 I weighed in at 260lbs. My dh loved me but he would constantly push to go for walks and get outside and help with yard work. That summer was the first one in a long time I realized how unhealthy I really was. We went camping and it killed me to keep up with everyone while hiking and swimming. I brushed it off and told myself that I could get back into shape if I just walked around and what not.

So in September of that year my parents took our entire family on vacation to a kids amusement park. This was a great place because my step son was young and so was my nephew. Now I had worked at an amusement park during high school and fell in love with roller coasters. I love the thrill of the wait and actual ride. So I was a little upset that there was only one roller coaster and when we finally got to it and ready to get on, I got really nervous. Not because I was afraid of the ride, but the seat looked so small. My dh jumped into the row behind us and fit just fine but when I went to sit, I barely fit into the seat. The whole ride was so uncomfortable! I was so upset the rest of the day and when my step son wanted to ride it again, well that was no, even an option. I knew in that moment that I needed to change. Not the ‘hey I could lose a few lbs’ or the ‘I’ll just work out some more’! I needed to change my life style. I wanted to live long enough to enjoy my marriage and see my wonderful step son graduate and get married.

It took me a couple months to get really serious. I wasted so much time over the holidays swearing I would start as soon as it was over. In the beginning of February I became committed to weight watchers and in about a year I have dropped almost 100lbs! During this time I also went through two surgeries that kept me from exercising for about two months. That showed me that as long as I ate right I could at least maintain my current weight. So I decided now that I would focus more on making sure my family gets the right amount of fruits and vegetables and eats healthy in hopes that my step son will learn this good habits and will never have to battle what I did.

My blog is to help share my recipes with family, friends, and people around the world! I feed these wonderful healthy recipes to my family all the time! Go ahead and share all that you love with all your family and friends!


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