Fitness With your Kids

kayakingOne of the things I have friends tell me is that they can’t work out because they have kids. No time between sports and what they need to do. I understand you can’t bring your six year old to a crossfit class however there are several activities that are kid friendly, and plus remember they will take after you! Here are some awesome ideas you can try with your little (or older) ones!

We try to make it a point to do things as a family every week. Here are some awesome ideas to get your workout in with your kids!

  • Walking: Going out to the park on the weekends is an awesome idea. We hike at least once each weekend when it is nice out and our son loves it. If you have smaller kids and do not want to venture into the unknown sports fields usually have a walking path you can take and when you are done the kids can enjoy playing on the jungle gyms.
  • Biking: Kids love to bike ride. Our streets are filled in the summer with kids riding around aimlessly. Most parks allow bike riding and it is something you can do with kids of all age. Kids to young to ride? You can purchase a seat for them and as they get older it will be a special thing when they get to ride a bike of their own.
  • Kayaking: The picture above is from our second kayaking trip. Many parks with lakes have kayaks you can rent for an hour or so. You can also rent from major sports stores too. My dh uses a tandem kayak and lets Rion take the front seat and lead the way.
  • Karate or Dance classes: Many places such as karate schools and dance schools offer adult classes. When my son started karate I went back to train as well. He loves to watch me take class and when we get home we even practice together.
  • Bowling or Skating Rink: Need plans for a Saturday night? Skip going to the and head over to your local bowling alley or skating rink and enjoy getting healthy a fun way! It never seems like an exercise to the kids but you know you are definitely getting a good workout in.
  • Skiing: My dh loved to ski as a kid and taught our son to ski when he was about 4 years old. He loves to ski and will even stay out all day and argue about eating lunch. This makes an awesome idea for vacations in the winter!

These are some awesome things to do with your kids, but sometimes your kids might be too young or they are really busy. One of my favorite things I have seen people doing is when there kids are at a game (hockey football soccer your pick) they walk up and down the field instead of sitting down. They get to enjoy the game and also see it too.

Just remember that the habits you take part in really rub off on your kids. Make their childhood very active and it will be apart of their future life too!! Have any ideas or activities you do with your family comment and let me know!


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