So 2012 was probably the best year and worst year of my life. Most people only saw my amazing weight loss journey and awesome overcoming of many obstacles, but there are those few who know everything that happened this past year. I was able to overcome huge leaps and bounds because of the choices I had made. I thought long and hard about sharing this story (even though my sister in law thinks I should write a book about it) but I realized that I am only withholding information that could help other people.

So I am going to start this story a little earlier then 2012, well a lot earlier lets go back to high school. When I started my freshman year I was about 160lbs. Now that isn’t horrible but that was the last time I ever saw that number. By my sophomore year I had hit the 180s and then my junior year I had skyrocketed into the 220s. I had participated in the color guard my freshman and sophomore years but by my junior I quit. I blamed it on my school work and lack of time but really I had just become to lazy.

By February that year I realized that I needed to do something so I joined the local Curves and worked out two or three times a week. By my Prom in May I had dropped back down into the 190s, but yet again that was the last time I would see onederland. From the year I graduated, 2008, to 2012 I allowed myself to gain 60lbs. I swore I was happy and that I was beautiful but deep down I was depressed and I knew I needed a change. I would periodically join a local gym and go for a while but then stop when I wasn’t seeing any progress.

In March of 2011 I met my dh at my work. We hit the ground running and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He overlooked my weight issues even though he subtly pushed to go out walking and doing yard work. That September we took a vacation with my family to a local kids theme park. Now I worked at SFGA for two seasons and absolutely love rollercoasters. There was only one in this park and we waited to ride it till later on in the day. I went to sit down in the seat and realized I barely fit. And by barely, I mean it was probably a safety violation for me to be on that ride! I decided that moment I was not going to allow myself to live like this anymore.

Well the whole push to lose weight was abruptly stopped when I found out I was pregnant in October. That November we and my dh got married and spent our honeymoon in Gettysburg and then spent the rest of November in bliss. However in the middle of December we learned that our baby was not developing properly and we would have a child with a chromosome deficiency. Not soon after we found this out the news came that my grandfather had passed away. He had been suffering for the past year so it came as a blessing to us. We knew he would feel better. We thought that this would be the end of our bad luck with the new year coming on, but boy we were wrong.

By the end of January we learned that our baby had passed away. While we were upset we knew that this was a possibility and we knew that this would be a better life for all of us, including the baby. However since I did not naturally miscarry I had to have surgery, which was the first one I would undergo in 2012. After my surgery a light switch clicked on in my head and I just knew I needed to get back on the horse and make a healthier lifestyle for myself so when we were ready we could try again.

I spent the next 7 months participating in different weight loss programs. I used weight watchers (and still do) to help get my eating under control and relearn right portions and the good things to put in my families food. It is not dieting it is just relearning how to properly eat. The dh and I joined the local YMCA and started just going to the gym for the cardio machines and weight room until I finally gained enough nerve to take my first fitness class since I attended karate back as a kid. That night Zumba became my stress relief. I looked forward to every class and loved the workout I got at the same time.

That May I shocked all my family and friends as they watched me walk by in my bridesmaids dress at my sister’s wedding. This dress was 4 to 5 dress sizes smaller then my wedding dress just half a year before. It was the most amazing feeling having everyone tell me how awesome I looked and how proud they were. They helped push me farther into my workouts just knowing that everyone was watching and I did not want to fail.

That summer we competed in the Color Run and Spartan Race. I amazed myself with how well I did in both and was ecstatic to say I was a finisher. We loved the Spartan Race so much we instantly signed up for next year’s race. However by the end of August my good luck seemed to have run out again.

In the end of August I ended up in the ER not just once but twice in one day. That morning I went in with a horrible pain in my back but they sent me home with a “muscle pull” but when the medicine they gave me was making it worse I went back into find out that I had gallstones. Not just one or two, but the doctor said my gallbladder looked like a maraca. The next morning I was in a surgeons office who told me that I needed to have surgery. So the following morning I was prepped and ready to go. My surgery (number 2 for 2012) went really well and I went home right after.

Now I had a pretty rough time after I got home, lots of pain, lots of gas trying to escape my shoulders, and lots of acid reflux. However I was a trooper and did what I had too. At my follow up appointment my doctor gave me good news and some news I was exactly expecting to here. She told me I was coming along great however while she was doing my surgery she was very afraid of all the fat that had built up behind my rib cage, you know that fat your can’t see. I didn’t realize how much damage I was doing to the inside of my body. She explained that you can be 125lbs of be a twig, but still have this fat building up on the inside if you are not careful.

I was so happy I had started to really take care of this problem I had. She explained it was probably worse before but I still had a ways to go. Well to add to my bad luck, a week after my appointment I ended up back in the ER but this time, it wasn’t an issue with my first surgery. I had woken up and had no energy. I felt sick and light headed and spent the entire morning in bed. When my husband came home he made me call over to the doctors office. They told me it would be a smart idea to go over to the ER to get checked out.

When I got to the ER they hooked me up to 2 ivs to push fluids and told me my temperature was 104 degrees. After a CT scan they had found the culprit. I had 1 giant abyss on my pelvis. This was thanks to an IUD I had placed in a couple months before. They called my surgeon back in and by 930 at night I was heading by into surgery. When I woke up around midnight my dh was there but he wasn’t allowed to stay and really was not supposed to tell me anything. He did however inform me that I had several organs removed and that he loved me.

The next morning I woke up and felt a million times better. I would like to say everything was great after that but then I learned the news. I had not one but three abysses. One of my pelvis and one on each of my fallopian tubes. The two abysses on my fallopian tubes ruptured which caused the infection to spread all over my lower intestines and other organs. They had to remove both fallopian tubes, my left ovary, and just in case I ever had issues they removed my appendix.

In one night I had lost any hope of ever naturally having children. But to make things worse I had later learned, they wouldn’t let my dh spend the night because they didn’t expect me to survive through the night. I had become the miracle patient and had overcome so much. My doctor told me yet again that if this had happened while I was at a higher weight, I would have not survived. I spent the next week in the hospital before I was finally allowed to go home. It took about two months before I finally felt comfortable enough to get back into exercising, which I took slow don’t worry.

I guess the reason I want to share my story is not for pity, no I really don’t need that, but to show how living a healthy lifestyle can really help save your life. If I had not made the changes I did I wouldn’t be able to share this with you. But this isn’t the end of my story, I spent the holidays learning how to maintain my weight but now I am back to losing the rest of the weight. I hope you can share this story with family and friends to help them see how you can overcome anything.


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  1. What a story. Thank you for sharing. I lost a fallopian tube about 7 years ago and now have reduced fertility. I have actually managed to have 1 child but it seems that he was a bit of miracle as we are having no luck trying again. Perhaps you might be able to have children with assisted conception in the future or if not maybe adoption. With the strong, positive and healthy attitidude to life that you see to have I am sure you would be an inspirational mum to any child in your life and indeed an inspiration to your frends and family. x

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