Traveling on the Lighter Side

travelSo I have wanted to be more consistent with this blog but sadly I don’t have to money to try a new recipe everyday (well I could but my husband has a hold of my wallet). So I have decided to share some advice I have come to love.

So while I was on my way to and from my parents this weekend with my family, it came across my mind that no matter how good you are with cooking healthy at home and working out five days a week, when you go on a vacation even if just for a day if can really set you off track.

So for about four times a year since I was born, I have driven the five and half hour drive to my grandparents house for holidays and some vacations. Now before this past year I would have been thrilled for a bottle of soda, a bag of chips, and a candy bar for the drive and fast food for lunch or dinner.

Now this new life style definitely does not include fast food, soda, chips, or a candy bar. Well with moderation you can include those in your life but I would not include these items during your car drive.

Plan your snacks prior to leaving that way your don’t have to stop at a gas station before leaving and have limited options. Here is a list of things you should pack.

  • water bottles: well this is a big “duh” moment but even my husband likes to grab a soda before leaving because he needs the caffeine…horrible excuse! Get a good nights rest the day before and if you need a little pick me up then switch on and off with another driver and take a nap.
  • fruit: now if you are just taking a short drive to where you are going, do not pack a lot of fruit because it will go bad if not eaten. Keep all fruit intact to keep them from going brown before your trip even starts. If you have small children that can’t eat whole fruit, wait just before you leave to cut the fruit up and seal it in containers.
  • trail mix: this is an awesome snack to take on trips but you have to remember that to much of anything is bag. Use snack bags to divide out everyone’s portions and that is it. If you have a long drive give everyone an extra half a serving. Now when you pick out your trail mix (if you don’t make your own at home) make sure it has good things like healthy nuts and dried fruit. Stay away from ones that are flavored or are filled with chocolate chips.
  • granola bars: now in an earlier blog I gave my recipe for homemade oatmeal bars. Try making your own homemade granola bars so you can fill them with good things. If you don’t have time to make your own granola or oatmeal bars then make sure to look through the ingredients and make the best choice.
  • Now if you are in a huge rush and don’t have time to pre plan then just know that there are healthier options at gas stations and convenience stores. Look for fruit first and stock up on those. If there isn’t a huge section available or want something more look for a small bag of nuts or pretzels. Stay away from chips and such things like snack cakes. Those are NO GOOD!

Now sometimes it is hard to stay away from eating out. We drive more then four hours each way. Most of the time we have to stop for lunch on our way. Most fast food places have healthier options. I usually opt for a side salad that does not have any meat or croutons. If they don’t have a healthy dressing then go dry. Side this with a healthy wrap that has very little sauce and no cheese. Make sure to be direct with what you want and don’t be afraid to make commands.

Use these tips and ideas to help keep things under control while on the go!! Remember that you have the power to make great decisions and lead a healthy happy life style.


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